Child Support Lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida 

The child support law firm of The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet are St. Petersburg, Florida attorneys who will be able to assist you with getting a child support order put in place, calculating child support amounts, and collecting child support if one parent is not paying or is denying paternity. In order for a child support order to be put in place, paternity must first be established if the child was born out of wedlock. Paternity can be voluntarily established by the father, or a court order with genetic testing may be required. If you have questions about the next steps when it comes to seeking a child support order or establishing paternity to put a child support order in place, consider reaching out to the child support lawyers at The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet in St. Petersburg, Florida today. Our child support attorneys can also assist you with estimating your child support payments through a paternity action or seeking these payments during your divorce. While child support is calculated using tables, sometimes the courts may award more child support if the child needs additional assistance due to health or other reasons. If you have questions about child support, reach out to The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet today. We can help.

How are Child Support Amounts Determined in Florida?

Child support amounts are calculated using tables provided by the state of Florida. These tables are guidelines of the amount of child support that should be paid based on the non-custodial parent’s income. However, other factors can sometimes result in higher child support amounts sometimes being awarded. For example, if your child has additional health care needs, higher child support payments may be justified. Furthermore, sometimes child support tables do not take into account a child’s other needs, like his or her college tuition payments, his or her after-school activities, or tutoring. Sometimes a divorce settlement can take into account these added costs.

If you are wondering what amounts you might be entitled to receive, you can look at Florida’s child support tables because they offer a good starting point that can help you estimate what your amounts might be. However, this assumes that you have an accurate grasp of your partner’s monthly earnings (financial disclosures can sometimes reveal additional income) and this also assumes that that there are no added costs or needs your child might have. Finally, these tables may assume that one parent has primary parenting time with the child. Your real-life arrangement may be different.

Both parents are required to properly support their children and to provide a standard of living that matches the income of the parents. Child support isn’t paid to the child directly, but is intended to be used to cover the child’s expenses. However, since the amount is paid to the custodial parent of the child, the support may be used to cover any costs the parent deems fit. Child support amounts may vary if the child lives with both parents, or if the child spends significant time with the non-custodial parent. Because many factors can impact child support payments, it can be helpful to have a child support attorney assist you with estimating these payments. The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet are child support attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida who can assist you with this process if you are going through a divorce, separation, or are in the process of putting a child support order in place.

Getting a Child Support Order in St. Petersburg, Florida 

If you do not have a child support order in place, The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet will be able to assist you. In order to put a child support order in place, paternity may first need to be established. If the father doesn’t acknowledge paternity, the courts may have to do so. This is often done through an ordered genetic test. Once paternity is established and a child support order is in place, a parent can begin collecting child support.

What happens if your child’s parent isn’t paying child support? If your child’s parent is not paying child support, the state of Florida may take steps to collect money from the non-paying parent. This can include garnishing the parent’s wages, garnishing income tax refunds, and suspending licenses until the child support is paid. If you believe your child’s parent quit his or her job to avoid paying child support, the court may still order that support be paid. Avoidance of child support is a serious issue and the parent entitled to receive money will likely have options under the law.

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet are child support attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida who may be able to assist you with either getting a child support order or collecting child support. Contact our lawyers today to learn more.

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