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What Is a Domestic Violence Injunction?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be wondering what your legal options are. One option that is available to you under Florida law is a “domestic violence injunction.” This injunction can provide much-needed protection from an abusive partner or spouse. The Law Office Of Yeazell And Sweet can give a more in-depth explanation of domestic violence injunctions and when they can be used. We will also answer some common questions about these orders.

What Is a Domestic Violence Injunction?

A domestic violence injunction is a legal order that a judge issues to protect domestic violence victims. This type of order is often also known as a restraining order. The purpose of an injunction is to help keep the victim safe from further harm by their abuser. Injunctions can restrict the abuser, such as prohibiting them from having any contact with the victim or coming within a certain distance. In some cases, an injunction may also require the abuser to move out of the residence they share with the victim.

When Can an Injunction Be Issued?

In Florida, two types of domestic violence injunctions can be issued: domestic violence temporary injunctions and domestic violence permanent injunctions. The court will issue a temporary domestic violence injunction if the victim has been a victim of domestic violence within the past 30 days. This type of injunction is typically issued without giving notice to the abuser, as it is meant to provide immediate protection for the victim.

The court may issue a permanent domestic violence injunction if the victim has been a victim of domestic violence within the past year. This type of injunction requires a hearing, at which both parties will have an opportunity to present their case.

How to Obtain an Injunction?

In order to obtain a domestic violence injunction from the court, the petitioner must be able to show that they are a victim of domestic violence. This can be done by providing evidence of past abuse. The petitioner must also show that they have a reasonable fear of future abuse.

If the court finds domestic violence has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, they will issue an injunction against the abuser. This means that the abuser will be ordered to stay away from the petitioner and must not engage in further

Compassionate Legal Guidance in Florida

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence in Florida, it is crucial to have the appropriate protections in place. The team at The Law Office Of Yeazell And Sweet can guide you through the process of obtaining an injunction and keeping you and your loved ones safe.