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How Do You Tell Children About Divorce?

So you have made the decision to file for a divorce. You have already broken the news to your spouse and had conversations about what comes next. But, you also have children to think about and provide explanations to. It can be difficult to know how to broach this topic to your kids, but it is necessary that you break the news to them. If you don’t, someone else may do it for you. It is best that the news comes from you.

If you are concerned or do not know how to bring up the topic of divorce to your kids, there are strategies that can make the process a bit easier.

Do It As Co-Parents

If you and your ex-spouse are going to co-parent, give your children the news of your divorce together. This will show that you are together and united on what is happening. Furthermore, it will also demonstrate to your children that you will be able to both remain a part of their life.

Be Honest & Upfront

You might feel the need to soften the news or hide parts of the truth from your kids. This will only do more harm than good to your relationship with them. Tell your children that the decision to file for a divorce is for the best of the family. Let them know that you still care for them in the same ways and that your relationships will remain strong.

Don’t Place Blame

While talking about the divorce, don’t point fingers or blame your ex-spouse. This will create a sense of hostility and negative feelings in what should be a compassionate and caring conversation. Furthermore, assure your children that they are not at fault for the divorce. It is not uncommon for children to assume that they have done something to cause their parents to separate.

Pick The Right Time

Timing is important for this conversation. Don’t decide to break the news right before an important event like a sports game. However, you should also not wait too long to give them appropriate notice of the changes that will be happening.

Need Support For A Divorce?

Going through a divorce means that you will encounter many tough conversations. You will have to provide individuals with explanations as to why your marriage is ending, the most important being your children. You don’t have to go through this time alone. The Law Office Of Yeazell And Sweet is here to help you navigate through this process.


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