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While turbulent divorces seem to be the norm, a local story in the Tampa news focused on a couple who was able to divorce peacefully and still provide a good upbringing for their child.

Couple divorces without problems and provides inspiration to others

The main shared priority for this couple once they had made up their minds that they would definitely separate was to protect their son and make sure he had a good future. They were able to utilize a relatively new approach called collaborative divorce that is available from certain family law firms and other professionals who provide advice to couples during this time. A collaborative divorce essentially means that both members of the couple will agree to dissolve the marriage with minimal conflict.

The couple plan on releasing a book they have written regarding their unique situation and amicable divorce. They hope to lend guidance to other couples who want to separate without massive disruptions to their lives. The main inspiration for writing the book was the fact that other couples were asking them for advice, so they realized it would be easier to compile all of the information about the process and make it available for others to read. As of now, both members of this couple have remarried and have had other children. Their son is in high school and doing well, although his mother admits that the divorce was hard on him and he is still learning to deal with the situation. They say that they are still on friendly terms, respect each other and their new spouses, and plan to remain friends permanently.

Guidance from a divorce attorney can make a difference

While stories surrounding divorce tend to focus on conflicts over important things like money and child custody, it is possible to divorce peacefully, especially when a skilled family attorney is helping to guide you through the process. When spouses do agree on certain things, this agreement can be presented to the court and the issue does not need to be contested, which saves time and money, and reduces stress. Some firms are now emphasizing collaborative divorces as the best way for couples to proceed.

Preparing to divorce without arguing

When preparing to divorce, lawyers can discuss your goals and how they can assist in positioning yourself to have a better life after the marriage ends. It is always best to go over a few crucial areas during this time.

Money will always be an issue during marriages and divorces. Both spouses are required to make many important financial disclosures and will have to change their taxation status when they are single again. It is necessary to give information about things like sources of income, bank accounts, and savings during divorce proceedings. Attempting to hide income and assets can have serious consequences.

When children are involved, it is important for them to be kept out of the litigation as much as possible, However, in some circumstances, the Courts will allow children to express their own preference for how they want to spend their time provided they are old enough to express a preference. An unfortunate reality of custody disputes is that they can be highly contested. One parent may disclose issues related to financial problems, mental health, or substance abuse that the other parent has, or has had in the past, in order to discredit them and keep them from being seen as a fit parent. This possibility should also be brought to your lawyer’s attention.

The division of assets and liabilities is an area that is always significant at the time of the divorce. Anything that is considered marital property will be subject to division during the process. It may also be possible to liquidate certain assets and split the money rather than dealing with distributing things that may no longer be useful if the couple is living apart.

Related issues

Qualified attorneys who practice in family law are skilled at negotiating issues like child support and custody plans. Dealing with these issues can sometimes be difficult because family judges are given substantial discretion to make decisions through legal doctrines such as “the best interests of the child” or “an equitable property distribution.”  It takes an experienced lawyer to properly present a case to the Court in order to achieve your goals.

Talk to a family law attorney near you for advice

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