Young Florida Couples May Be Less Likely to Divorce Than Their Parents’ Generation

Divorces can be life-changing events that consume lots of time and money. Due to these issues, it seems that some young people are being more careful about getting married at all or waiting until a later age to do so.

Local news for the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area reported on a trend where younger people are marrying later, but may actually end up happier and less likely to divorce.

People are marrying later, divorcing less, and feel better in their marriages

The study that came out of a census office in Las Vegas said that millennials and Generation X may have actually lowered the divorce rate. Recent U.S. Census Bureau data confirms that the under age 45 group of married couples is the least likely to get divorced out of any age range.

The report featured a couple that went to a small chapel to renew their vows on their tenth wedding anniversary. Their ages put them in the same category as other millennials that seem to be content with their marriages, and they have no signs of displeasure or feelings that they need to separate after a decade. The husband of the couple said that they have spent less time traveling or going out than many of their peers, but they are still pleased with their situation. He said many of his friends and peers have a strong interest in commitment. He personally values settling down and starting a family more than anything else in life.

In addition to the trend of younger people marrying later and divorcing less, census data also showed that the baby boomer generation got married at young ages, yet they were very likely to divorce and remarry multiple times over the next several decades. There is speculation that this trend caused members of Generation X and millennials to be more cautious and not want to turn to divorce as a solution for their problems. This may have actually led to younger generations ultimately ending up in better relationships. Some people interviewed have said that advice from their parents and other elders was a crucial factor in their own relationship success. They were able to learn a lot from the prior generation’s failures.

A divorce mediator who was interviewed said that she thinks part of the trend can be attributed to younger people just being savvier and taking the process of starting relationships and getting married more seriously. She also believes that they are planning their finances much more carefully. Many young couples that she has spoken to already have finished school, saved money, taken out a mortgage, and completed several other life milestones before deciding to get married and have children.

The realities of a divorce

Most states in the U.S., including Florida, have made changes over the years to make getting a divorce easier, but the process can still be expensive and stressful at times. A no-fault divorce is one of the most common and simple ways to get divorced in each state, as the couple usually just needs to meet residency requirements, and file in the local court with paperwork that says that the marriage has broken down and cannot be salvaged. Some states require the couple to live apart for a certain length of time before the divorce can be finalized.

Florida allows for a no-fault divorce when at least one spouse has stated that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and waits for a required period of time. After that, the parties can move to formally dissolve the marriage with their own attorneys. They can have formal hearings in a local family court, or it may be possible to agree to some kind of mediation plan where the parties agree after a negotiation session to the terms of their separation. The family court will honor the terms of these agreements after the mediator finalizes the documents.

Learning about the formalities of divorce before committing to a decision

Before moving forward with any of these issues, it is best to get legal advice from a family law attorney in a formal setting. They can explain the process more thoroughly and advise you regarding the best course of action. A divorce should be seriously considered in situations that involve domestic violence, drug abuse, or other problems that can put a couple in criminal court as well. However, other marriages may be salvaged with some help and guidance.

Speak with an attorney about divorce and family law issues

There are lawyers in Clearwater who spend their time helping people who are going through a divorce and may have related legal problems such as custody disputes or late support payments. To speak with an attorney in your area, contact The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet.