St. Petersburg Florida Couples Should Know That Busy Schedules Are Often a Factor in Many Divorces

Local news for the St. Petersburg, Florida area reported on the divorce of Donald Trump Jr. from his wife, Vanessa. The couple apparently decided to split due to busy schedules and spending large amounts of time apart.

President’s son gets national attention while going through a divorce

Vanessa started filing for an uncontested divorce in late 2018. The couple had been married for about 13 years since 2005, and they had five children together. The joint statement released by the couple was fairly generic, saying that they had each decided to go their own way after several years together. They expressed that they still respect each other and that raising their children properly is still their main priority. The couple concluded by saying that they wish for privacy from the public and media until the proceedings are totally finished. No other statements were media to the media.

There had been some speculation from the media regarding the reason for the couple’s split. Don Jr. does have a demanding travel schedule and a number of commitments related to the Trump Organization, businesses, and other matters. It seems that spending so much time apart made the couple realize that they may not need to stay married. Friends who knew the couple said that they had basically been living separately for the past couple of years even though they had not formally divorced or decided to separate for legal reasons. Another source claimed that the couple had attempted to maintain an appearance of being a happy couple during President Trump’s time in office, but they could not keep up the facade long enough to get through his term. The 40-year-old son of the president had also been in India and other countries for hunting trips on his own in the months before the announcement, with no sight of his wife or family with him in the pictures he posted.

Some of Don’s friends had been concerned about him in the months before the divorce. They claimed that he acted erratically and posted strange tweets about antidepressants, mass shootings, and gun rights. He also posted a tweet about taking away half of his daughter’s Halloween candy to teach her why socialism does not work. Don had asked his secret service security to leave him alone, as they are normally available and on duty 24 hours a day for the president’s immediate family. Vanessa was concerned about the constant attention given to her family, and fears for the safety of her children. She is apparently someone who enjoys privacy and does not crave attention. The couple had received threats in the past, likely due to Don’s political affiliations. Vanessa had to be taken to a hospital as a precaution after opening a letter containing white powder that arrived at the couple’s house. No one was harmed during the incident.

Despite these political problems, the couple does appear to be splitting for personal reasons more than anything else. It can be difficult to maintain a relationship when barely seeing each other.

President Trump and his family have been known to spend large amounts of time in Florida. Some of their properties include a golf course in Doral and an estate in Palm Beach County.

Divorces in Florida and local requirements

Because no-fault divorces have been available in Florida for quite some time, it is fairly simple to start the process to separate. These requirements are set by statutes that are state law, so there are no local divorce laws for cities or counties within the state that are different.

One or both spouses can express their desire to separate by saying that the marriage has broken down, and the reasoning behind the desire to split does not matter. The only other requirement is to establish residency in the state. Either spouse must have lived in Florida for at least six months prior to filing. It is recommended that each party to the divorce retains their own attorney and begins to prepare for issues such as property division, child custody, and the possibility of alimony payments.

Special concerns during a divorce

A news story such as this shows how privacy and other matters that are unique to each couple need to be addressed with care during a divorce filing. Even for couples who do not have any significant level of fame or wealth, it is important that any special concerns are brought to the attention of an attorney. This will help ensure that all family members can resume their lives normally after the divorce, and there are no remaining issues that could cause problems later.

Talk to a divorce lawyer in the St. Petersburg area

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