Tampa Couples May Experience Problems in Their Marriage and Even Divorce Due to New Kinds of Addiction

There are a number of reasons why couples grow apart over time. People change and begin to have different priorities at different stages in life. In today’s world, the reality of technology clashing with traditional relationships has created a new type of problem that is serious enough to end marriages.

Local news for the Tampa, Florida area reported that video game addiction may be an emerging factor in many divorces in the coming years.

Popular video games may be causing couples to grow more distant

The game “Fortnite” was very popular at the time of the study and mentioned as one of the primary culprits in causing addiction. While researchers had previously associated video game addiction with young people and children, they now believe it is contributing to divorces in a growing number of marriages. A community that provides services for people going through divorces reported that approximately 200 couples in their study mentioned compulsive video game playing as a significant factor in their divorce. This number amounts to about twenty percent, or one in five, of all divorces surveyed, which represents a statistically significant amount.

Many video games now reward players for logging more hours, or those who want to remain competitive have to constantly sharpen their skills for hours each day, much like athletes and other professionals. This can get players caught in a cycle where they constantly need to invest more time in gaming, often at the expense of personal relationships, health, or other aspects of life. The World Health Organization has taken notice and classified obsessive video game playing like a legitimate mental health problem.

The American Psychiatric Association disagreed and said that there is nothing unique about video game addiction that should be classified differently from other forms of addiction. However, the issue remains severe enough that many couples do believe that problems related to excessive game playing are causing them to separate.

Family law and changing relationships

Family law is complicated because it overlaps with a number of different types of human interactions and relationships. Technology has the power to change how people live and interact with each other, and add more complexity to these problems.

As the above report related to video game addiction shows, relationships can be fragile and change for a number of different reasons, even if they are not obvious. A spouse who is distracted by any occupation or addiction can suddenly find that they are served with divorce paperwork. Because of the potential for divorces to emerge at unexpected times, it is recommended to retain legal help as soon as possible when it becomes clear that a family law issue is emerging.

Contact a local family law attorney for assistance

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