• Clearwater woman is arrested during a violent interaction with her husband related to an upcoming divorce

    When a marriage starts to become violent, it is best to get protection and begin the process to formally end the union as soon as possible to avoid additional problems. Lawyers who focus on this area of the law can help make this transitory time as stress free as possible.

    A woman in Clearwater was arrested for getting violent after her husband mentioned that he wanted a divorce.

    Argument over a divorce results in a taser attack and arrest

    The situation began when the woman’s husband had told her that he wanted a divorce after nine years of marriage on a Sunday morning during a verbal argument. At some point during this argument, she pulled a taser on him at close range and began to attack him. The official police report said that the man was shocked by the weapon several times, but the metal barbs from the weapon were not deployed.

    The Pinellas County Sheriff confirmed that the 69 year old woman was arrested for aggravated domestic battery and taken into custody at her mobile home shortly after the incident. During an initial interview with police, she admitted to shocking her husband, but claimed the action was in self defense. She was released on a $1,000 bond the following Monday morning. She was then accompanied by a police escort to retrieve her belongings from her home. An order was also put in place by the judge assigned to her case to stay away from her husband.

    A local assistant public defender for Pinellas County was assigned to her case, but the office said that they cannot comment on active cases per official policy. The charges related to the arrest are pending and the woman has not yet been convicted.

    Divorces that overlap with domestic violence issues

    While situations like this are an anomaly, many divorces can correspond to times when there is a lot of arguing or even domestic violence between a couple. The courts in Florida will issue a protective order if it is necessary to prevent harm to one spouse or children. Law enforcement may respond to the residence if there is an active, violent situation that needs to be addressed.

    It is best to formally separate with a divorce or get a protective order before this happens, as it is common for one or both spouses to be arrested if the police have to respond to a domestic violence call. Dealing with criminal charges will create a separate legal process that needs to be addressed in criminal court, in addition to, the divorce proceedings in family court. Having to deal with two separate legal issues results in additional time and expense, along with life disruptions.

    Grounds for a divorce under state law

    Like most jurisdictions in the U.S., Florida now allows couples to get a no fault divorce. This means that one or both of the spouses can simply file the relevant paperwork and say that the marriage has broken down. As long as they meet basic residency requirements in the state, the marriage can be formally ended by a judge thereafter. There does not need to be a history of severe problems or fault based grounds, such as, domestic violence, substance abuse, or adultery to end a marriage.

    Getting a protective order

    Some people may choose to get a protective order against the other spouse to protect themselves and their children. This is a fairly simple process in Florida provided the statutory grounds for the issuance of an injunction are met. Aside from domestic violence, people routinely get protective orders to prevent stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or other violent offenses. The courts will try to determine what relationship the person has with the accused. In most cases, it is a romantic partner, family member, or roommate who poses a threat of violence.

    The person who has been harmed or whose circumstances meet the statutory criteria for the issuance of an injunction can petition the local courts for an injunction that prevents the other spouse from coming within a certain distance of the petitioner and their children. A standard order that is signed by a judge will tell the person accused to stay away and prohibit them from engaging in other behaviors based on the situation. If this order is violated, the party responsible will be arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

    Stay safe during a violent relationship

    Family law attorneys in your area are the best way to learn more about the process of separation and getting formal legal protection through the courts. You can get advice that is relevant to your situation during an initial consultation with a lawyer.

    Lawyers on Florida’s Gulf Coast can help with a divorce

    There are attorneys who serve clients in Clearwater and nearby areas. They can talk to you about the procedure to get a divorce and other family law issues. The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet provide professional advice and guidance.

  • St. Petersburg woman is featured by local news for providing a positive example of how divorce can change people’s lives for the better

    While the time period before and during a divorce is always stressful, there are many people who find that their new life after a divorce is much improved. This is especially true for people who have left a marriage that had a history of serious problems that went unresolved for years.

    Local news for the area featured a woman who moved to St. Petersburg after her divorce and has experienced a number of positive developments.

    St. Petersburg news talks to a divorcee who shares stories about her married life and the benefits of her post-divorce situation

    The 62 year old female claims that she was in the same abusive relationship for 28 years, and most of that time was spent married to her former husband. The entire family was affected to some degree, and they had to be careful about everything they said and did around her former spouse. The emotional abuse had been so persistent that she claims it took years before she really noticed what was happening. She also delayed because she did not think it would be possible to afford to care for her children with one income and no other assistance. The woman feared having problems while trying to make sure her children would be raised properly in a single parent household. She claims that all of that changed one day when her husband physically struck her. For the safety of herself and her children, she began to quickly make preparations to separate.

    The divorcee claims that verbal abuse tends to be more tolerated because many people do not even realize that they are being abused. However, if a relationship starts to become violent, it becomes obvious that there is a serious problem. She says that she now believes that nothing lasts forever in life, even marriages. The woman’s 30 year old daughter claims that the entire family had to unlearn a number of abusive or negative behaviors in the years following her parents’ separation.

    When she divorced at the age of 58, she made major lifestyle changes that have given her a new calling and career in health and fitness. Throughout her life she held various jobs, such as, a realtor, restaurant business owner, and electrologist. She was a casual gym user during her marriage, but she now does little else aside from eating, sleeping, exercising, and doing other things related to her training. Being able to look good at the local beaches is one of her main motivations. She regularly attends the LA Fitness in St. Petersburg.

    When the courts had finalized her divorce in 2015, she moved from Virginia to St. Petersburg, Florida. Her children live close by in Tampa and New Port Richey. She claims that she has now started to use online dating websites to find another man, preferably with a similar lifestyle focused on fitness. She has competed in a number of powerlifting competitions, and won first place in her category at an expo in Orlando, where she is often the oldest person competing in many of these events. A transition into formal bodybuilding competitions is in her plans for the future.

    Divorce can be beneficial

    Although divorces can still carry a social stigma for some people due to religious or personal reasons, there are many positive stories like this where a person enjoys their life much more after a separation. When a marriage has issues with domestic violence or substance abuse, it is unlikely that these will ever be resolved, and it is often best to move on. Professionals agree that it is always better to walk away from an unstable union that has these kinds of serious problems.

    How do attorneys assist during this process?

    Lawyers and court systems have evolved over the last few decades to make divorces as streamlined and easy as possible. One of these developments was the addition of no fault divorces. This means that one or both spouses can simply state that they feel the marriage has broken down beyond the point of return for any reason at all. The courts can begin the process to formally dissolve the marriage, as there is no waiting period in the state of Florida.

    Family lawyers who dedicate their practices to helping people through a divorce have also found ways to assist people without wasting too much time or money. Your attorney can give you a brief overview of the process after an initial consultation. In the consultation, they can explain exactly what to expect and how to best prepare for things like property division, child custody issues, and the possibility of payments for child support or spousal support, also known as alimony.

    Get help if you feel a divorce may be necessary

    There are experienced and reliable divorce attorneys in the St. Petersburg area. Contact The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet for assistance regarding a separation and dissolution of marriage (divorce).